Zen Gardening – Embarking on a Journey Within and a Discovery About.

The pull was so strong. But then I remembered it was all interrelated. My task of to dos in the garden, the ideas and visions that they represented. Mentally I had to enforce the discipline to pull away from the joy of being in it – the earth. With scratches up my arm from aggressive tree branches and no doubt trace evidence of dog shit on my sneakers,.. I pulled myself away to blog. ­čÖé Yes I wanted very much to document the journey. Knowing of its paramount evidence in my life it had to be written about. If not for me but for my little person, only 3 years old. ┬áThe love of a child. She too in this discovery with me ┬á– eyes ablaze with excitement, sponging up whatever I wished to teach her. ┬áToday I saved a few plant lives. Gave them the appreciation they needed, after years of stumped growth… I embark on the journey of the zen gardener – each task one of clarity, joy and calm. Can’t wipe the smile off my face for some reason.